Delta-8, THC-O and THCV Private Labelling &
White Labelling Services

Our B2B delta 8 wholesale programs are designed to give businesses like yours an opportunity to tap into the growing cannabinoid market faster and efficiently with our ready-to-ship solutions. Save time and money by partnering with us today.

Our delta 8 wholesale partnership program has three options.

You can join our basic bulk wholesale, delta-8 white labeling or our premier delta-8-private labeling programs.

Whichever option you choose, you are assured of high-quality products, excellent customer service, expert advice and generous discounts.

Why Partner with Vvenera?

1. Low Minimums

You don’t need to order huge amounts of products to enter this program. Our partnership programs are also open to everyone. Talk to us, let’s discuss your proposition.

2. In-demand products

Delta-8-THC products are in huge demand currently. Our programs provide you with an opportunity to set up your business in a fast-moving market.


3. High-quality products

Our Delta 8 THC products are made using premium hemp grown organically and locally in the United States.


4. Lab testing

All our D8 products are rigorously tested in-house by independent, accredited third-party independent labs. All batches are tested for purity, consistency, safety and quality.


5. Industry-leading turnaround times

We offer quick processing times on all delta 8 wholesale programs.


6. Competitive pricing

Our services are competitively priced to ensure you get generous margins.


7. Customer service and expert advice

Get help every step of the way from our expert customer service. Our qualified experts are available to offer you industry support.


Our Wholesale Delta 8 Programs


1. Basic Bulk Wholesale

This is our cheapest option if you are interested in getting Vvenera products in bulk at competitive prices. Take advantage of our already in-demand products and established brands to grow your business.

This delta 8 wholesale program is designed to help retail businesses and entrepreneurs get into the hemp-derived delta-8-THC market by offering Vvenera premium products.

Your products will be shipped in bulk packaging depending on the size of your order or preference. We may have room to work with you on packaging preferences, especially on larger orders. Talk to us.


2. Delta-8-THC White labeling

Get premium hemp-derived products packaged without labeling and ready to add your design or personal touch before putting them on sale. In this program, we provide high-quality products to add your labeling or sell as-is.

We offer competitive rates on our white labeling services. We also offer a wide range of packaging options for large orders.


3. Delta-8 Private Labeling

This is our most popular and streamlined option that allows you to profit from a rapidly growing delta-8-THC industry and build a loyal customer base for your private brand. In this option, we ship your products ready for retail with your complete branding, including company name and design.

This option is available whether you have an established brand or just starting out. We can also help you with design if you don’t have one yet.

By private labeling with us, you become our partnering company. We offer compliance support and expert guidance to all our partnering companies and work with you to ensure you stay current on regulations.

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