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vvenera cbd

Many people already recognise the number of health benefits that CBD has for people. It can act as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory; it can help with anxiety and stress, and can also be used as a sleep aid. All these benefits that we already know could help athletes in many ways.

Although there have been no broad studies on whether or not CBD does benefit athletes, there are some athletes that use it and believe it has a positive impact on their athletic performance. It could also be a great alternative to other medications and supplements that cause unwanted side effects. Below are some of the ways that CBD could help you to enhance your athletic performance:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Like everyone else, athletes can suffer from stress and anxiety. It could be linked to fears about getting injured, performance in a competition, or anything else in life. There is evidence to suggest that CBD can help to reduce the anxiety that people suffer from. There is still a lot to learn, but if CBD can help to reduce anxiety, it could be something that athletes could take before any sporting competition to help them feel a lot better, and in turn, perform better. Only small doses are needed to see effects, so taking small but consistent doses could help you to stay calm.

It may also help to lower cortisol levels which is a stress hormone. Lowing these hormones can make it easier to sleep. Less stress and anxiety, along with better sleep, can make you feel more motivated to work harder and perform better.

Improves sleep

Sleeping well is a great way to improve your athletic performance in both training and competition. If you have trouble sleeping, especially the night before a competition, using CBD could be an excellent option for you. Studies have shown that CBD has helped to reduce sleep disturbances in people with sleep disorders, with no side effects.

If you are unable to sleep the night before a competition, this could be down to anxiety about your performance the next day. CBD can help to reduce this anxiety so that you can fall asleep more easily, and be well-rested and ready to go. Even with just a single dose, it can help you get a better nights sleep.

Sleep is essential for athletes as it is the time when your muscles get to rest and recover from the physical activity. CBD shouldn’t, however, make you drowsy when you are going about your day.

Pain relief

CBD has been shown to help relieve pain without having any side effects. This is different from THC, as although it can also help to reduce pain, it can also have some side-effects such impairing short-term memory and the risk of dependence over time. CBD doesn’t seem to have any major side-effects, so it could be a good alternative.

Pain can be common during post-workout recovery, so having a form of pain relief that has no side effects and is low risk would be very welcome. Research that has been carried out on CBD has shown that CBD treatment can help in reducing neuropathic and chronic pain. If this is the case, it is likely that CBD will be able to help with the pain that comes with the wear and tear of physical activity.

Anti-inflammatory abilities

Injuries and other inflammation caused by physical activity can make it hard to continue to exercise. When you are injured, you should rest and allow yourself to recover, however, inflammation can sometimes hinder healing, especially when you are able to continue with physical activity. Studies have shown that CBD could have anti-inflammatory benefits when it is applied topically to the skin, and it may help with post-workout recovery. Still, more research needs to be carried out to see the full benefits of CBD as a post-work treatment.

Muscle Relaxation

After a workout, your muscles can cramp up and be sore, making everyday tasks difficult. This is a part of recovery; however, CBD is a muscle relaxant that could help to still and calm the body down. Used alongside other methods of treatment, such as stretching and icing, CBD can be a great way to look after and treat your muscles and joints so that they stay in excellent health.

Is it legal for athletes to use CBD?

CBD used to be on the list of prohibited substances created by the World Anti-Doping Agency, but it was removed in 2018. It was removed because the benefits that CBD can have are now more widely recognised.

The use of THC, however, is still prohibited in most major sports, but if you purchase CBD oil that is high quality from a reputable place, there should be no risk of testing positive for THC.

Trying CBD

Before you try CBD for yourself, it can be a good idea to seek medical advice. This is especially true if you have underlying medical conditions or you are taking other medication, as CBD could change the way your body interacts with some medicines.

If you decide that trying CBD is a good option for you, start by trying a low dose so that you can become comfortable with it. Once you are comfortable, you can then try it before or after athletic activity and potentially use higher doses if you need to.

CBD as a beneficial supplement

There are still some things that we don’t know when it comes to the effect that CBD can have on athletes and athletic performance. However, we have seen the benefits it can have on other peoples lives when it comes to managing pain, stress, and sleep, so it definitely worth carrying out more research and testing to identify its true potential.

Many athletes are already using CBD and have seen noticeable differences. Some take it pre-workout for a boost or post-workout to aid with recovery. As it becomes more and more common and accepted as a beneficial supplement, CBD could be the thing that helps you.